Thursday, September 30, 2010

Benefits of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Benefits of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Benefits of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) cannot be ignored. It is a useful tool for any security surveillance camera. It is no use installing a CCTV camera if it does not record the events that take place in a premise. A DVR helps in recording the happenings taking place in a premise. One can avail the box shaped instrument or a card that performs these functions.

DVR can be classified into various categories. On the basis of the number of channels that it supports, it can be classified into 1 channel, 2 channel, 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel, and more. An 8 channel DVR system is not suitable at all the places. However, it is majorly used in private investigations, real estate, security companies, or any other place which needs to monitor eight different locations simultaneously. The application consists of many parts that make it effective.

The system is an integration of various parts in one small box. It looks similar to a Video Compact Disk player or a DVD player. A powerful computer processor controls its features and functions. Circuits, chips, hard drives, and optical disk drives are accommodated in a single motherboard. It looks attractive in addition to serving various purposes. The 8 channel DVR system divides the screen into eight different parts. Each part displays the happenings of the specific location the camera is installed. It is a sleek and compact device. One may consider it as a blessing from technology to the security industry!

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