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Motion Detection Masking : Put a Mask On, It May Be The Right Thing to Do in Goa, India

Motion Detection Masking : Put a Mask On, It May Be The Right Thing to Do in Goa, India


While I have been in the surveillance industry, I get so many people that call wondering how much storage they need for their DVR security system. If you've read Kenny's How to Determine the Correct FPS for Your Application article, you'll know that this is an application specific question and a sticky one at that. I have to be sure I understand the layout and surroundings of the customers' security system before I delve into the storage capacity of their system.
You see, it all starts with motion detection. Most customers want this feature to come standard with their security DVR and rightfully so, it helps maximize the data stored in your DVR's archive. It really does not make any sense for your system to be recording video if there isn't any noteworthy activity to record. Another feature that comes standard in Geovision's 8.5 software and will further optimize the amount of time saved on your hard drive is motion detection masking, also known as Privacy Masking. A motion detection mask is an integral part of your security system and will help make your system more robust.
Alright, let's say there's a window that looks out onto a busy street in the background of your video feed and your camera is pointing straight at it because your cashier's station is right next to it. The movement from the traffic in that window will trigger the DVR to record because the DVR sees that movement and send you a notification that it is noteworthy. Nine times out of ten, it isn't. Don't blame the DVR, it's not his fault. He doesn't know any better. He can only do what you tell him to do. We're going to teach him a new trick.

Benefits of Motion Detection Masking :-
*Increase Your Storage Capacity
*Record More Relevant Events
*Reduce the Amount of Notifications
*Find Specific Events Quicker

This is where a motion detection mask comes into play. With our  software, you can tag an area in a video feed to essentially be ignored. Whatever is in that specified field will not trigger the DVR to record and help trim down the amount of video clips being saved to your hard drive. Simply put a mask on it and prevent your system from saving video clips that impact hard drive space. Now your security system will retain more data it is automatically recorded over. Also this will reduce notifications to you as the end user and now only notify you when there is true motion.
To take it a step further, masking truly helps find events quicker as well by assuring you see the video that is most important in your application. So please get familiar with your DVR masking feature or software because putting a mask on just might be the right thing to do.we will take care of this while instalation .please call /contact on below information to get it. Call now on :9423835465

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