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Beat the burglars by installing an alarm system: Times of India daily

Beat the burglars by installing an alarm system

TNN May 16, 2012, 05.06AM IST

COIMBATORE: A major attempt to loot the house of S Balaji, an income tax officer, residing at Kothari Nagar in Singanallur was averted on Sunday, when the thief broke-in to the house while he was away on a pilgrimage trip. Thanks to the burglar alarm system installed, the burglary was stalled.
With the number of burglary cases in the city sky-rocketing, installing a burglar alarm is essential. However, most people do not consider it a worthy investment. A small investment in an alarm can give one peace of mind and prevent thieves from looting your residence. "But awareness levels are low, and thus the demand for security alarms is not much. When you compare the substantial demand for security systems from commercial establishments, residential demand is negligent," says S Baraneetharan, proprietor, Ion India, a dealer of burglar alarm systems in Coimbatore. He indicated that 80 per cent of sales come from commercial establishments.
"Every month at least 10 systems are sold. However, most buyers are outside of Coimbatore," he said. With low demand, sellers are also not too keen on stocking up and prefer to sell CCTV cameras, which would bring them more profit, he added.
There is a huge demand for CCTV cameras, especially in commercial establishments. Household demand for such cameras is also picking up, said Puneet Singh Anand of Anand Enterprises. Unfortunately, when sale of cameras go up, the demand for alarm systems decreases.
S Mugundan, proprietor of Elixir Electronics says that enquires from households shoot up when there is a spate of burglaries in the city. However, compared to the enquiries, sales are relatively low. People need to understand the importance of being safe. People have the impression that these systems cost a lot of money, but with the advances in technology, an alarm system can be purchased for as little as Rs 10,000, he said.
People can now purchase wireless systems too. With these systems, the installation costs are drastically reduced. The starting price is Rs 10,000 and it increases, depending on the number of doors and windows that are connected to the system, he pointed out. "If demand increases, we will be able to reduce the prices," he said.
Balaji, who had installed the system just a month ago, because of the many burglaries in his vicinity, feels that he made a good investment. "Since my work has me traveling to Tirupur often, my family is home alone. Now, with the system installed, I don't worry so much," he said. Since demand in the city is low, not many shops allot much shelf space for these alarms. However, he was able to find ample information on the net and found a dealer to install his system.
It is not always possible for police to keep an eye on the entire city to curb crime. The best resolution is to install an alarm system at home.
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