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Biometric Technology Is Redefining Home Security

Biometric Technology Is Redefining Home Security

With the advancement of digital technology and the decrease in costs of that technology, there have been some amazing changes in our everyday life. Televisions have gotten bigger, thinner, lighter, and project a much clearer picture. Digital cameras have drastically changed the world of photography. What did we do before cell phones? And computers, which once took up a room, can now sit in the palm of a hand. This technology is also reaching out into the realm of home security.

One of the most impactful types of technology for home security devices is biometrics. Biometrics refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. For home security, certain devices use biometrics, a branch of computer science, as a form of identification and access control. Now, biometrics may use any number of human features for identification like voice recognition, face recognition, eye scans, but the one human characteristic that seems promising in making biometrics a standard piece of our security fabric is fingerprint recognition.

Fingerprint scanning and recognition technology has become so much more reliable and cost effective, thanks to the geeks who have made optical scanning so efficient. The same digital advancements that have revolutionized the photography industry, has also impacted the fingerprint scanning world. And with computer software that can compare data, fingerprint recognition has found its way into home security devices. And the cost of that technology is at a level that anyone can benefit from it.

The number of products that use biometrics is increasing every day. For personal items, there are fingerprint scanning devices on computers, flash drives, wallets, briefcases, and suitcases. This technology allows access only for the authorized user. This greatly impacts the level of protection for our identity and our personal information.

Biometrics has also found its way into home security devices, like door locks, deadbolts, and home safes. The strength of biometrics is that it adds this incredible level of protection. No two people have the same fingerprint. Therefore, through biometrics, we have this increased level of control over who is allowed access. This technology is reliable and it is affordable.

Scanning and recognizing fingerprints and denying access to unauthorized users are the strengths of biometrics. But the beauty of biometrics is the easy and quick accessibility for the authorized user. With just the swipe of a finger, a pre-programmed authorized user has immediate access. No more fumbling for keys. No more trying to remember complicated PINs or combinations. Your fingerprints are always with you. They cannot be lost or forgotten. It is easy and it is quick. And it is reliable.

Technology is an amazing thing. It is the manifestation of the incredible God-given gift to mankind -- the ability to think, to imagine, to create, and to perfect. You add that to the basic instinct of man to provide for, to care for, and to protect their families and their livelihood, it is no wonder that we have seen technological advancements in home security devices.

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