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Adding Home Fire Safety With a Security System

Adding Home Fire Safety With a Security System




Security systems are meant to protect your family and your possessions. In the event of a burglary the alarm system will trigger an alarm that if unmonitored will at a minimum sound a loud siren. You may also have a bell outside your home that will help to alert neighbours or people in the general area.

Home Invasion Prevention

Your security system is not just for protection when you are away from your home or sleeping. The home alarm system is designed to be used when you are home and inside your home. Home invasions are becoming more common and an alarm system that is properly used can potentially save your life. With wireless alarm systems becoming very popular you can easily carry around a keyless remote or Keyfob and trigger the alarm from virtually anywhere in your home or even outside. If an unwanted intruder enters your home you can use this device to trigger the alarm which will alert the authorities.

But what about a Fire?

Many people neglect protection from a fire in their home. The fact is that a fire can be much more devastating that a break in. If you have added a security system to your home it only makes sense to have fire protection also. Many people think " I have a smoke detector in the hall" While it is true that a standalone smoke detector does offer limited protection it does not stand much of a chance in protecting your home. A typical stand alone smoke detector is designed to do ONE THING! It will detect a fire and wake you from sleep so that you can get your family outside to the sidewalk and watch your home burn. This may be a callous view but it is a realistic one. You battery operated smoke detector cannot alert anyone of the fire other than the people in the home. It cannot call the authorities. It cannot even let you know that there is a fire if you are away.

Fire Detection with a Home Security Panel

A home security panel can do much more than protect you from a burglar. A smoke detector can easily be added to your system. If your system is a wireless system the smoke detector can be added in less than an hour. If you do not have a wireless security system you should consider upgrading to a wireless system. Even hardwired systems depending on the type of home you have can easily have fire protection added. By adding a smoke detector to your monitored security system you have added the ability to have the authorities notified immediately in the event of a fire. The fire department will be dispatched even when you are away. These life saving devices can mean the difference between a small event and disaster.

Home Fire Statistics

·         Fire causes an average of just under 2,500 deaths per year

·         Fire causes approximately 13,000 injuries per year

·         Fire causes 460 Crore Rupees in property loss per year

·         The leading cause of residential fire are electrical malfunctions

·         Smoke Detectors were not present in 22% of occupied residential fires

Over the year's deaths and property loss has been on the decline and this is largely due to more and more people taking fire safety more seriously by adding smoke detectors tom their homes and making sure that they work. There are many things that we have no control over but it just makes no sense to not protect yourself with such a low cost item as a smoke detector.

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