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Why to use Mobile Phone Jammer

Why to use Mobile Phone Jammer

The mobile phone jammer is a device that is used to block the mobile signals within a certain range from a few hundred meters to a few kilometres. It is often used in events where talking on the phone could be detrimental. For example, it could be banned in cricket stadiums where spectators could place their bets on phone which is totally illegal in many countries. Also there are high profile business meetings where the use of mobiles is totally banned during the duration of the meeting. However there are people who forget to switch off their mobiles in these high profile meetings and a ring from a single phone may prove to be costly. Hence jammers are installed in these locations so that there would be no ringing of any mobiles and the meeting can continue peacefully.

The other places where mobile jammers are installed are religious places such as Churches , Temples and Masjid (Due to disturbances during Prayers, Meditation ,Spiritual talks etc ,which could disturb the concentration of other devotees ) .The high profile business organizations where time is money and employees are not allowed to speak while they are at work. They are also installed in movie theatres and concerts. However in the earlier times the jammer was used only in the defence sectors. However today it has been used in other sectors as well. Hence the phone jammer is a very useful device as it works well even when people forget to switch off their mobile phones.

When the cell phone jammer is switched on it blocks all signals from the station to the mobile and vice versa. It works on the same technology that is used for disrupting radio waves. We all know that a mobile phone operates by establishing contact with a tower from a particular service network. These towers help catch signals which are relayed from other towers. However the mobile jammer intervenes in a particular region by transmitting the same radio frequency as the mobile signals and hence breaks up any contact between the tower and the mobile phone.

There are many types of mobile jammers available and they are categorized according to their operational range. Some of them are as big as a room while there are others that are as small as a briefcase. The bigger the size of the jammer, the bigger is the range that they can cover. Hence a room size jammer can today cover a few hundred meters while a briefcase sized jammers can cover just a few meters. The price of the jammers usually varies on the size. You can have a look at the different jammers and their prices on sites such as Here you will get all details regarding the jammer such as its size, price and the range for which it can block signals.

The cell phone jammer is successful for jamming both types of signals which are the talking and the listening signals. The jammer actually blocks only one type of frequency and the cell phone is made to think that it is unable to catch any type of frequency as a result of which it stops working.

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